Ŭþ The Klassian ȸ: 8,324   ۼ: 16-08-13  

Ŭþ The Klassian


Ŭþ (The Klassian)> Classic Korean Ͽ ̸ Ŭ ϰų ۰ϴ ѱ ǹѴ.

Ŭþ ǾƴϽƮ , ̿øϽƮ , øƮ ̷, ÿƮ , ̽ýƮ ߽ 2013 1 âϿ Ŭ, , ߷, پ о߿ Ź Ƿ° ȹ ִ Ӱ پ ִ. â ̷ Ŭþ ̾߱Ⱑ ִ Ŭ ܼƮ Բ Blue Valentine, 70ֳ ȥ, ŶƮ پ ̼, ȹ, ׸ پ о߿ Բ ȹ, ̸ ߵ鿡 ģ Ŭ 븦 ؿ ִ. 1 Ⱓ Ŭþ ̾߱Ⱑ ִ Ŭ ܼƮ ׸ κ Ƹٿ ȸ, ϼ dz ɱ ȸ ͸ Ȧ  House Concert2014 2 IBK üӹ Ȧ 1ȸ ȸ . Į Ȧ 佺Ÿø پ ֿ ûǸ ǥϴ ӻμ ؿ ִ.


"The Klassian" was created by summing the Classic and the Korean. And it means Korea people who play the Classic, or compose, or contribute.

"The Klassian" was founded in January, 2013 to make the performance of a true rapport with the audience and the stage of communication with Guest Artists from in a variety of fields like Dance, art, Stage Direction, Korean traditional music. The Klassianpromises the stage with fresh sense of enthusiasm together and new classical music performances will contribute to the spread and development.

Founded in January 2013
February 15, 2013 'Blue Valentine'performances at DreamForest Art Center
March 6, 2013 'Blue Valentine'performances at Nowon Culture and Arts Center

April 12, 2013 House Concert at Kangnam Kyodang
April 29, 2013 Café deUjung(Mu: n) play a concert contest prize
May 10, 2013 'My Diamond Anniversary'concert at DreamForest Art Center
May 16, 2013 'Blue Valentine'performances at Ulsan Culture and Arts Center
May 22, 2013 Ewha-Festival invited at Ewha Womans University
July 20, 2013 'Bucket List on the stage'performances at DreamForest Art Center

September 13, 2013 Friday Concert at WATLZ&DRMAHN
November 17, 2013 For their romantic' will show at DreamForest Art Center
February 5, 2013 The first regular concert performances will show at IBK Hall


Wang Hye-In / Pianoforte


- б, б

- б Ǵ ǰ ()

- ߸θũ ÷ (Mit Auszeichnung) ְڰ ɻ ġ

- , ѱǾƳȸ ݻ ټ

- Havellandische Musikfestspiele 1 Ư

- Fischer-Flach dz , Wurzburg Musikalische Akademie ο Ʈ Ի

- , , ¸ ɽƮ , ȸ ټ dz

- ſ, Ŵ ܼ丮 Ⱝ


- Graduated from Yewon, Seoul Arts High School, Seoul National University

- Awarded Diplom and Meisterklasse(Highst degree) in University of Music Würzburg

- Received an award in Havellandische Musikfestspiele International Competition 1st, Fischer-Flach Ensemble Competition, Wurzburg Musikalische Akademie Concours

- Performed in Germany, Switzerland, Italy

- Currently, Lecturer at Sungshin Womens University, Presbyterian University &



Han Ji-Eun / Violin



- (UdK) ڰ(KA Diplom)

- ߸θũ ְڰ(Meisterklasse)

- ũνè ɽƮ üӹȦ

- ͱȸ( ƲȦ) ټ ȸ

- ѱ ȭ û dz

- ̵ũ į ɽƮ, ѹ ûҳ ɽƮ

- ߸θ į ɽƮ μ , ڸ ɽƮ ܿ

- Ŵ ܼ丮, б Ⱝ

- ɽƮ , ũν è ɽƮ ܿ, ɽƮ ,

- øǴ, õøǴ ܿ


- Seoul Arts High School moved to Germany in School

- Awarded Diplom in Universitat der Kunste Berline, Diplom and Meisterklasse(Highst degree) in University of Music Würzburg

- Performed in Germany Cross Chamber Orchestra(Sejong Chamber Hall), Recital(Seoul Art Center Recital Hall), Berlin Korean council building invitation chamber music performance

- Assistant Principal in Würzburg Kammer Orchestra, Member of Korean Symphony Orchestra

- Currently, Lecturer at Jangsin University Conservatory, Chonnam University

- Principal in Yangpyeong Orchestra, Member of Cross Chamber Orchestra, Guest principal in Ditto Orchestra

Guest Member in Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra


Song Jin-Ah / Violin


- (UDK) (Diplom)

- ߸θũ ְ (Meisterklasse)

- Ʈ Alpinen Kulturwochen ɽƮ

- ιƼī 佺Ƽ, Ժθũ üӹ 佺Ƽ, Ե

佺Ƽ û Ժθũ Ʈ

- MeisterKlasse Cross Chamber Orchetra ܿ

- Hamburg Strings ܿ

- ̺Ʈ ν ɽƮ


- Awarded Diplom in Universitat der Kunste Berline, Meisterklasse in Würzburg University

- Performed in Austria Alpinen Kulturwochen, Hamburg Chamber Festival, Bergedorf Music Festival

Member of MeisterKlasse Cross Chamber Orchestra, Hamburg Strings

- Lecturer at Ableart Orchestra


̷ Kim Me-Ryung / Viola


- ȭ, ȭڴб Ǵ п
̱ ̽ð ָ ̿ø ڻ(DMA) ö (MM)
Chicago Classical Symphony Orchestra , West Michigan Symphony Orchestra , Civic Orchestra of Chicago μ
̱ īVirtuoso Performing Art School, ̽ð Blue Lake Arts Camp
õøǴ Ӵܿ
, ѽŴ ܼ丮,
- Ⱦб, ȭ Ⱝ
- Trio K, Ŭþ , ϸ ɽƮ ,

- зϾ ɽƮ, ξ ϸ ɽƮ ʺ


- Graduated from Sunhwa Arts High School, Ewha Womens Unversity and Graduate school

- Graduated from Violin Doctor in University of Michigan and Viola

- Principal in Chicago Classical Symphony Orchestra, West Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Principal Civic Orchestra of Chicago

- Professor at Chicago Virtuoso Performing Art School, Michigan Blue Lake Arts Camp

Member of Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra

- Lecturer at Chonnam University, Chongshin University Conservatory, Daejeon Arts High School

- Currently, Lecturer at Anyang University, Sunhwa Arts School

- Member of Trio K, The Klassian, Principal in Songe Philharmonic Orchestra


Kim Ji-Yeon / Violoncello


- б

- ȭڴб ǰ , Manhattan School of Music

- ȭڴб հ, ǥ

- Art's International Competition κ Ի, New York Carnegie Hall

- ƲȦ ͱָ , ȣƮȦ, Ҹȭ Ȧ,

ƮȦ  ټ Ʋ

- øǴ û

- б, ֽøб, ִб ð翪, ϸ ܿ , ȭ

ϸ, ɽƮ


- ڸƼַ , ӻ Ŭþ , CM Trio


- Graduated from Seoul Arts High School, Ewha Womens Unversity, Manhattan School of Music

- Awarded in Art's International Competition Duo Part

- Performed in New York Carnegie Hall, Seoul Art Center Recital Hall, Kumho Art Hall, Sori Arts Center Yeonji Hall, Mozart Hall etc...

Visiting Performed in Gunsan Philharmonic Orchestra

- Lecturer at Paekche Institute of the Arts, Wonju National University, Jeonju University

- Member of Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra, Visiting Principal in Ehwa Philharmonic, Seoul Orchestra

- Currently, Principal in Korea Soloists Orchestra, Leader of The Klassian, Member of CM Trio